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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Writing help for students & teachers

The Writing "Prescription" Posters. (Click link to view posters in a new window)

To the Teacher: Your visual learners will benefit from this set of posters. They are a reminder of many revising and editing strategies you have taught them throughout the year. The pictures will automatically remind them of the strategy even after only seeing the animals one time.

To the Students: The animals on these posters need some help! They are in the waiting room at Dr. Do Lots' animal clinic. Only one of the animals is doing well, but the rest of them have specific problems that have kept them from writing effective papers. See if you can help the Doctor prescribe the WRITE medicine for each animal. Then thnk about your own writing and see if you need any help from Dr. Do Lots. Don't forget to take your medicine when you get your PRESCRIPTION from the Doctor though. Some students hear wonderful medicine from their teachers, but never improve because they forget to take their PRESCRIPTION! Get well soon!

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