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Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Creative Writing Ideas for elementary students.

Out With the Old?

Many students develop old ideas in their stories: the beach (which we discussed earlier) theme parks, the zoo, birthday parties, are all ideas that are worn out from being used so often. I got so tired of my students picking the same old ideas and doing the exact same things with those ideas that I designed a poster with many of the most worn-out story ideas.
I then told my students that the only way they could choose one of the ideas listed is to change it from a dinosaur, as I mentioned earlier, to at least a parrot idea, one that has been done, but is at least engaging and creative in its presentation.
Here are a few examples of how my students keep the old idea, but just "freshen it up" a little in the development. A birthday party would become interesting if the piƱata suddenly came to life. A trip to the zoo would be exciting if perhaps one of the animals escaped or started to speak English. A ride on a roller coaster would be engaging when the ride is a means of getting to another time or place.
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