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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Adding some WEATHER to creative writing.

Weather or Not?
One creative way to sprinkle a little weather into a story is to show it by what the character does, wears, or even says.
Try the following exercise on your students.

In the following sentences, try to figure out what the weather is like based solely on what is written, with no mention of weather at all.
1. My swimsuit looked great as I admired myself in the mirror.
2. I quickly grabbed my umbrella and coat and raced out the front door.
3. The window was so foggy, I had to rub it with my hand to see outside.
4. “Why don’t we go to the’s so nice out!” I exclaimed.
5. The sweat began to drip down my face and my shirt was soaked.
6. My legs were trembling and my teeth chattered loudly.
7. The trees were dancing slowly with one another like couples in love.
8. “Hey, look at my miniature snowman!” I shouted happily.

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