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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Low Composition Scores: Not enough writing training

The real reason our students are getting low composition scores each year....not enough writing training in the lower grades!!!

Trying to get our students to get higher than a zero, one, or two on their Writing compositions without the pre-requisites needed in the lower grades would be similar to flipping a pyramid up-side down and trying to make it balance on its point. It is nearly impossible! If we want our students to succeed, we must give Writing training to all grade levels, not just the testing grades. 

The training I offer models visual and auditory strategies at the bottom of the pyramid, then oral skills, next the reading, and finally the writing skills.  I can show teachers in all grade levels how to analyze the pyramid level of their students.  They can then give instruction at that level and move up when the students are ready.

Please allow me the honor of coming to your school and showing your teachers how to make the writing connection.

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