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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New ROVER'S WRITING RANGERS essay guides for students.

The Writing Doctor is at it again, launching the first classroom posters in the "Rover's Writing Rangers" series.
The first one, available in English and in Spanish, is focused on Expository essay writing skills.

Ruff!  What a valuable tool this will be in your writing classroom!  With Rover’s help, your students will have an easy time remembering these simple steps for writing a well-developed interesting expository essay that is full of voice!  All the key words conveniently start with the letter R in both English and Spanish, so kids that have a difficult time remembering steps and strategies will love this poster!

These are actually being made available as a poster for your classroom wall, or you can also purchase them in letter size to hand out to each of your students as a desk reference.

Look for them in the "Writing Posters" section of The Write Prescription online store. 

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