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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Horns to Halo AND Halo Nominations for Oustanding Improvement and Performance!

Now accepting Horns to Halo AND Halo Nominations!
Win a free training for your campus and up to $500 in cash prizes for your students! Students deserve to be rewarded and recognized for outstanding improvement, achievement, and performance...!
This is your opportunity to honor them!
(Contest form is available for print on our Facebook page.  Go to the link below:
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All teachers who take the time to enter one or more students will be placed in a raffle for a free training to be held at your campus/district in the fall. The top five students from ALL the nominations received across the United States will each receive $100 cash some time before the end of the fall semester of NEXT school year. In addition, all the top stories will be included in the publishing of the book, “Turning Their Horns to Halos, Managing and Motivating the Hearts and Minds of Students.” Names will be changed before inclusion in book at the discretion and request of student, teacher, and/or parents.
(No purchase necessary)

Specific Details and Guidelines:
Entry in this contest is an agreement between the student, teacher, and
parent(s) guardian(s) to participate in the Horns to Halo Nomination based on the academics, conduct, and special accomplishments or achievements that took place throughout the current school year that will be explained in the form.
The teacher will reflect on growth and improvement for the Horns to Halo Nomination, and Outstanding achievement or performance in the Halo Award.
After writing specific details, explanations, and examples on the lines provided, send a copy to The Write Prescription by mail, fax, or email using my contact information on or before August 1, 2014. Teacher can nominate more than one student. Nominations will be read by a committee chosen by The Write Prescription.
Thanks in advance for participating! William MacDonald

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