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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Developing Student's Story Ideas

"Stuck On You"

This activity is a very strong hands-on visual that allows the students to see and hear whether their ideas are developed or not. You will need to purchase a set of paddle sticks with the suction cups on one side and the rubber ball that comes with it.
Select a story or essay to read and give the paddles to two students to hold, standing about ten feet apart. Have another student read the essay, and as long as the author is talking about the same idea, keep the ball stuck to one paddle.
As soon as he switches to a new idea, have the student holding the ball pass it to the person with the other paddle. The ball will again stay there until the author switches to another idea.
When a student writer needs more practice with development, you will notice that the balls will be moving back and forth very quickly. As they are taught to develop more fully, they will only have a few passes back and forth for the entire paper.
Yes, the students will have a blast, but they will really learn how to develop each idea more completely before jumping to the next one.

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