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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Student Language Arts Activity: Mastering the story sequence

Who's On First?

In this zany activity, the students get to be the story as they attempt to put it in the correct order.
Place the sentences of a story on different strips. You may want to group longer stories by events using entire sheets or posters that the students can hold.
Those who are "being the story" are moved around by the other students, according to what makes the most sense. Sometimes quite a debate can develop as to the exact order, so you may want to get the sumo-wrestling suits ready to settle any disputes!
This activity is useful when the students are learning to master sequencing, cause and effect, and drawing conclusions.
Using clues in the various parts of the story, they will determine the best order. Encourage them to continue rearranging the students who hold the sentences and/or paragraphs until they make sense.
Finally, ask someone in the class to read the story aloud so all can decide if it sounds logical and flows well as it is, and at that point make any adjustments that may be needed. Be sure hey can justify and changes they want to make in the order of the sentences or paragraphs.

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